Personal Montreal metro assistant

What's new?

Stations 1.3


  • Planned service interruptions. Transit schedules may now appear as “Not in service”.
  • Alarms require an in-service schedule.
  • Station lists now have a search field.

Stations 1.2


  • Notifications now include trip and service information.
  • Notifications now have a detail view which displays the station’s location on a map.
  • Notifications now offer a “Directions” action which launches the Maps app with directions to the station.
  • “New alarm” is now available as both a quick action and a shortcut.
  • Stops now appear in Spotlight.
  • State restoration for “station details” and “new alarm” screens.
  • Minor changes to the “station details” screen.
  • Minor changes to the “new alarm” screen.

Bug fixes:

  • Application could crash when restoring the “show alarms” activity.

Stations 1.1


  • Added “Help” to settings screen.
  • Added “Rate Stations on the App Store” to settings screen.
  • Added basic state restoration support.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed french “App Website” and “Privacy Policy” links in the about screen.
  • In some cases, the alarm time picker’s minimum value could allow for the previous minute.
  • Errors displayed when creating or editing an alarm are no longer immediately dismissed.

Stations 1.0

Stations is your personal Montreal metro assistant.

Browse metro stations and learn useful information about service locations and times. Enable the location feature to find the nearest stops.

Plan your trips with alarms. Schedule an alarm notification to let you know when it’s time to go. Alarm configuration options are sourced from service schedules on the transit agency’s website.

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