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Table of Contents

  1. Stations
  2. Alarms
    1. Create an alarm
    2. Alarm management
    3. Notifications
  3. Settings
    1. Default alarm
    2. Use location
    3. App Icon
    4. Help
    5. About Stations
    6. Rate


Screenshot: Stations tab selected. Multiple transit stops are listed and sorted by proximity.
Stations tab selected. Multiple metro stops are listed and sorted by proximity.
Screenshot: Jean-Talon station details.
Jean-Talon station details.

The stations tab displays metro stops.

By default stops are grouped by their transit lines. Otherwise, stops are sorted by proximity if the location setting is enabled.

View station details: Tap a stop.


Screenshot: Alarms tab selected. Multiple user configured alarms are shown.
Alarms tab selected. Multiple user configured alarms are shown.

The alarms tab displays user configured alarms.

You can schedule alarms for a given service stop and time. Alarms are delivered by notification.

Create an alarm

Create an alarm: Tap the + in the navigation bar to begin creating a new alarm.

Screenshot: Creating a new alarm.
Creating a new alarm

An alarm is configured for a given service stop and time. You choose the stop by specifying its station (and optionally the route and direction). Tap each row to select your choices.

The alarm time picker lets you choose the time when you want to be notified.

By default, the alarm time is set to the current time plus the default alarm value.

The alarm time picker is configured with minimum and maximum values that correspond to the current service schedule. The system prevents you from scheduling an alarm outside of service times.

Alarm management
Screenshot: Alarm edit and delete actions shown.
Alarm actions: Edit and Delete.
Screenshot: Editing an existing alarm.
Editing an existing alarm.

Alarm actions are available from the alarm list. Swipe left on the alarm to display alarm actions.

Edit an alarm: You may edit an alarm if it hasn't already occurred. Otherwise, you may only delete it.

Delete an alarm: You may delete alarms individually. You can also pull down on the alarms list to clear alarms that have already occurred.


Alarms are delivered by notifications at your chosen time.

You will be asked to grant Stations the permission to send you notifications after you've created your first alarm. You are strongly advised to allow them otherwise they will occur silently.

Screenshot: Notification permission prompt shown.
Granting notification access.

If you've disallowed notifications and then change your mind, you may enable them in Settings.

Screenshot: Alarm notification on the lock screen.
Alarm notification.
Screenshot: Alarm notification actions on the lock screen.
Actions: acknowledge and snooze.

Acknowledge: Dismisses the notification and marks it as read.

Snooze: Temporarily dismisses the notification. You will be notified again in nine minutes.


Screenshot: App settings shown.

Tap the stations tab's gear icon in the navigation bar to access app settings.

Default alarm

This setting helps determine the default time of new alarms by adding this value to the current time. Adjust this amount to your preference. You can always tweak each alarm's time to your needs.

Use location

Enabling location will sort stops on the stations tab by proximity to the device's position.

You may be asked to grant Stations the permission to access your device's location depending on your settings.

If you've disallowed location access and then change your mind, you may enable it again in Settings.

Privacy policy

App icon

Tap one of the icons to choose your preferred app icon. Changing this setting will update the Stations app icon on your home screen.

The current setting value has an orange border around it.


Opens this support document in your web browser.

About Stations

Additional information about the app.


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